Australia: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community with their motto “love for all hatred for none” bring ‘Ask Me Anything’ project to Bunbury

Source: | Kate Hedley

Meet a Muslim.png

It’s a risky proposition to open yourself up for scrutiny of any kind, but a Muslim group plans to do just that in Bunbury on the weekend.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – whose motto is “love for all hatred for none” – is heading to town for an ‘Ask me Anything’ session which will see members take to the streets to encourage locals to, quite literally, ask them anything.

Organiser, Imam Kamran Tahir, said the ‘I’m a Muslim, Ask me Anything’ initiative was prompted by negative public perceptions of Muslims in the wake of terrorist attacks around the world.

“We live in a time where it is essential for moderate Muslims to come forward and tell people what the true message of Islam is, rather than what we see a minority of terrorists do in the name of Islam,” he said.

“Hence, we the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, are coming to Bunbury to hold an event of “I’m a Muslim ask me anything” this coming weekend.”

It will be the group’s first event outside Perth, where several public sessions have already been held.

Mr Tahir said the group will be in Victoria Street on Saturday between noon and 3pm.

Find Mr Tahir on Twitter @humble_servnt

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