Germany: “Love for all, hatred for none” is the core idea of ​​faith for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community


They see themselves as a reform movement of Islam, are committed to peace, freedom, tolerance and emphasize their loyalty to democracy, the rule of law and the German state. The Islamic community of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat yesterday hosted an ornate-wide information campaign »We are all Germany« started.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat (AMJ) is, according to its own statement, an Islamic reform community of a purely spiritual character, independent of ethnic groups and governments. In Germany it has more than 45,000 members in some 220 municipalities. In the district, the municipality has its seat in Lahr and has 63 members, who come from the entire district, also from Kehl. In Hesse, the municipality was granted the status of a corporation under public law in 2013 as the first Muslim community. They reject violence as non-Muslim. “Love for all, hatred for none” is the core idea of ​​the faith community.

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Liwa-e-Ahmadiyya and the Flag of Germany

“It is not a contradiction to be a Muslim and a loyal German citizen,” Kamal Ahmad, deputy spokesman for the AMJ Baden-Württemberg, said yesterday, starting the “We are all Germany” campaign in Ortenau. Most community members have German citizenship, many of them want to be naturalized. “We also see it as the duty of a Muslim to choose,” Ahmad said in a press conference at the Kehler Hotel Rosengarten.

Love of home and loyalty

“In the face of the unspeakable terror in Britain, Germany, and many other places, we as Muslims are also committed to educating the Muslim youth about the love of their homeland and protecting them from religious fanaticism and influence,” he said. The love of homeland and loyalty to the country in which one lives is “part of the Islamic faith”.

On this “core element of the Islamic doctrine” the members of the community want to inform the Ortenaukreis from July to September. The broad population is to be addressed: “Through the campaign, we hope that the citizens will be aware of the clear differentiation between Muslims and… read more at source.