We should have learned after Iraq – but Brexit shows we are still willing to blindly follow politicians into disaster

Sir John Chilcot’s new comments on Tony Blair relying on ‘belief rather than fact’ has chilling parallels with our present day political dilemma

In a wide ranging interview with the BBC, Sir John Chilcot said Tony Blair was “not straight with the nation” and relied on belief rather than fact to take Britain into the Iraq War.

That the conflict was an unmitigated disaster, a historic mistake that casts a pall over the body politic to this day, is now accepted by just about everyone not completely won over by that belief at the time. And even by some who were.

But have we really learned anything? Has Sir John’s report into the conflict, and what he said during that interview, taught us anything?

With the country embarking on another historic mistake – Brexit– I’d say not.

more:   http://www.independent.co.uk/voices

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