Modi condemns rise in mob violence against beef-eaters in India

Source: The Guardian

Prime minister speaks out after protests in several cities against attacks, most of which have targeted Muslims

Cows are considered sacred by many members of India’s Hindu majority.
 Cows are considered sacred by many members of India’s Hindu majority. Photograph: Chandan Khanna/AFP/Getty Images

India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, has condemned a rise in deadly mob attacks on cattle traders, beef-eaters and dairy farmers, saying killing people in the name of protecting cows is unacceptable.

Most of the attacks waged by so-called cow vigilantes from fringe Hindu groups have targeted Muslims. Cows are considered sacred by many members of India’s Hindu majority, and slaughtering cows or eating beef is illegal or restricted across much of the country.

Modi’s comments in the city of Ahmedabad, in his home state of Gujarat, followed protests in several cities on Wednesday night against recent violence targeting Muslims. Thousands of people carrying placards reading “Not in my name” sang songs and lit candles in New Delhi. Hundreds including Bollywood actors rallied in the pouring rain in Mumbai.

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3 replies

  1. Cow slaughter is not the murder of an animal only but the murder of the faith of crores who consider it holy and worship it . Reactions against cow slaughter by some people may be wrong and against the rule of the land ( of non- Muslim countries , not of Pakistan ) , but at the same time we should not ignore the love factor behind the uncontrolled mob ; and we have been witnessing such crowd in Pakistan and even in India against Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin . For me , one must respect other’s faith and must not hurt anybody’s sentiments . The raising uncontrolled Hindu mob is raising many questions , too . Have Hindus searched their blasphemy rule ? Are they following moulvies who don’t hesitate to burn children and women in the name of blasphemy ? If murder in the name of the sacred animal is wrong , should we go with the fatwa of murder against Taslima Nasrin ? Should we distinguish between the faith of Mr. X and Mr. Y ? Fortunately we don’t have leaders like Mr. Imran khan who says that a blasphemer deserves death penalty . For me , both actions I.e; hurting others sentiments and mob lynching , are unethical. We should salute Mr . Modi who himself is a cow- worshipper , yet is condemning the mob lynching and taking required action . We should salute Hindu intellectuals , Hindu press and media and Hindu mass who are openly showing their resentments against mob lynching . Perhaps this is the difference from Muslim leadership ( both political as well as religious ) , Muslim intellectuals , Muslim press and media and Muslim mass . I am confused who is following the Quranic concept of justice !

  2. Well, are cows only holy in India? What about if Indian Hindus start to demand that cows should not be slaughtered anywhere in the world? (just wondering…)

    • Whether one demands or not , we should respect others sentiments ; if there is a Hindu on our dining table , would beef be appreciable ? In India , almost 80% are Hindus and here they have every right to protect their god and this demand is not going to affect Islam as eating beef is not an integral part of iman , Hindu majority is very broad minded . Mr. Modi is himself a cow worshipper yet he is condemning mob lynching in the name of cow . we don’t have any fatwa issued by Hindu religious leaders for beheading those who are killing their god . Government , Hindu intellectuals , Hindu press and media and a huge majority of Hindus are showing their resentment . No one is appreciating mob lynching . Does it not compell us to behave positively and consider their sentiments . At the time of hudbia , Huzoor SAW cuts the word prophet ; why ? He SAW stopped sahabas to mention Abu jehal when akrama became Muslim , why ? Do we not get the message that we should consider others sentiments ? Consideration of others sentiments leads towards friendship and peace which Muslims badly need .

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