The London Tower Fire Is Being Called Theresa May’s Hurricane Katrina Moment

Source: Time

Hundreds, if not thousands, of protesters will descend upon Westminster Friday evening calling for justice for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in West London.

The death toll is currently 30, but it is believed the figure will end up at well over 100 given the 24-storey block in the leafy North Kensington neighborhood of London housed about 600 residents. All the surviving residents, many of whom were already very poor, have left is desperate hope — and rising anger.

In the days since the fire on Tuesday night, that anger has bubbled into rage; at the regulatory failures coming to light in the wake of the fire; at decisions by the government on social housing policy going back decades; and most of all at the reaction by Prime Minister Theresa May.

A faulty refrigerator that blew up on the fourth floor is thought to be the cause, but the fire’s dramatic spread is believed to be a result of the cladding that was recently attached to the building as part of an £8.6m refurbishment last year. There are several theories, including the fire resistance of the cladding’s material, but the construction group leading the refurbishment, Rydon, says it met all regulations.

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