As of mid-day Thursday, it had been more than 30 hours since Trump last tweeted.

Source: USA Today

In his written statement defending Trump, Kasowitz said the president “never pressured Mr. Comey” into dropping the Russia investigation, and never sought a loyalty oath from the FBI director.

The attorney did say that “the Office of the President is entitled to expect loyalty from those who are serving in an administration,” and that Trump has been betrayed by people leaking privileged information.

“It is now established that there the president was not being investigated for colluding with the or attempting to obstruct that investigation,” Kasowitz said. “As the committee pointed out today, these important facts for the country to know are virtually the only facts that have not leaked during the long course of these events.”

Trump watched parts of the hearing with top aides, including members of his legal team, in a private dining room at the White House.

He did not tweet about the Comey hearing, nor did he mention the testimony specifically during a midday speech to a group of religious conservatives. Trump did, however, tell supporters that “we’re under siege,” and “we will come out bigger and better and stronger than ever.”

As of mid-day Thursday, it had been more than 30 hours since Trump last tweeted.


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