Isis is using terror to eliminate multicultural countries like Germany – and the far-right is helping them

The intention of Isis’ terror attacks is to provoke European states to ‘persecute’ Muslims within their frontiers in acts of reprisal for the mass killing of western Europeans 

There is something infinitely naive in our pursuit of the identity of those behind the massacres which Isis is committing in Europe. Yes, we need to know the names. Sure, we need to know what their wives or parents thought. Did they know? How did the perpetrator of Monday’s Berlin truck killings communicate with Isis? Or did he merely imbibe their political instruction manual? After the Bataclan mass murders and the lorry slaughter in Nice, we asked the same questions.So now we ask: is the latest suspect – a Tunisian criminal Anis Amri – the killer driver of the Berlin truck?

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  1. As you know Robert Fisk is my favorite journalist. Please click on ‘MORE’ to read his full article!!!! It is well worth it!!!

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