Saudi Mufti declares Ahmadis Muslims, invites Ahmadis to a peace conference

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Creed of Islam or Kalimah should define and unite all Muslims — After all by reading Kalimah non-Muslims accept Islam. There is far more that unities each and every Muslim than separates us

سعودی مفتی نے قادیانیوں کو مسلم قرار دیدیا، پاکستانی دیوبندی کہاں کھڑے ہونگے؟

کیٹیگری سعودی عرب

 Monday, 19 December 2016 

سعودی مفتی نے قادیانیوں کو مسلم قرار دیدیا، پاکستانی دیوبندی کہاں کھڑے ہونگے؟

شیعیت نیوز: پاکستان میں آئینی سطح پر غیر مسلم قرار دیئے جانے والے قادیانیوں کو سلفی و تکفیری اسلام کے مرکز سعود ی عرب نے بین الاقوامی اسلامی کانفرنس میں شرکت کی دعوت دی ہے۔

قادیانی اخبار ربوا ٹائمز کے مطابق احمدیہ فرقہ کو سعودی عرب کے معروف سلفی اسکالر شیخ عبداللہ کی جانب سے منعقد ہونے والی اسلامی کانفرنس میں شرکت کی دعوت دی گئی ہے، جہاں قادیانی (احمدیہ) فرقہ کی مذہبی قیادت نے شرکت کی اور خطاب کیا۔

واضح رہے کہ شیخ عبداللہ بن بہیا سعودی عرب کی کنگ عبداللہ یونیورسٹی میں عرب اور قرآن کے استاد اور سلفیوں کے عالمی رہنما ہیں۔

دھیاں رہے کہ پاکستان میں احمدیہ فرقہ کے خلاف پاکستان کے سعودی نواز تکفیری دیوبندی فرقہ پرستوں کی جانب سے تحریک چلائی جارہی ہے اور انکی عبادت گاہوں پر حملے کیئے جارہے ہیں، اسی صورت میں سعودی عرب میں ہونے والی اس اسلامی کانفرنس میں احمدیہ فرقہ کی شرکت سوالیہ نشان ہے؟ جبکہ اس کانفرنس میں شیعہ مسلمانوں کو شرکت کی دعوت نہیں دی گئ جو اس بات پر دلیل ہے کہ سعودی عرب شیعوں کے مقابلے میں احمدیہ فرقہ کو اسلامی فرقہ سمھجتا ہے۔


اب سوال یہ ہے کہ کیا پاکستان کہ سعود ی پرست اپنے آقا کے خلاف کھڑے ہونگے؟ یا اس بار بھی اس خائن اسلام کی اسلام دشمنی پر خاموشی اختیار کرکے ریال حلال کریں گے۔


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    • Aoa dear brother Rafiq A Tschannen. It is almost 40 years we had few meetings in Lagos Nigeria. I was teaching at Igbobi College Yaba. I am pleased to hear from you after such a long time.There are some pictures of our kids to keep your memories alive. Mirza Mansoor Ahmad is still in Nigeria. Sarfraz Ahmed

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  2. No one owns Islam. Islam is the religion of Allah and whoever follows it, is called a muslim. Any Muslim who delares another Muslim to be a kafir, then he becomes a kafir automatically. Whether Saudi declares Ahmadis as Muslims or not, Ahmadis are Muslims and the only Muslims who are defending Islam by words and deeds. The other so called Muslims go around creating disorder in the land which Allah has categorically forbidden in the Holy Quran.

  3. Only the true faiths of religion suffer from persecution.
    Religion is second, first believe in “humanity first”.

  4. ahmadiyyat is a only one solution make the peace and brotherhood of the world. jamaat ahmadiyya promote the brotherhood and justice and education in poor country. we are up the hand for good thinking and not promote terrorism

    • Dear Brother AAO we are Muslim Ahmadies we don’t need to take any certificate of approval or believing Holi prophet SAW we Ahmadies muslims since like 125 years giving life for the seek of Allah theirs properties and some time business destroys but every body knows Jamat Ahmadya is yet to be united now think about it why they are doing the same practice of Islam Mullah of Pakistan know fully Ahmadies are on the right Phath of Islam but they don’t want to conceder it by mind but the riotous peoples Rhodes who love with Godalmighty see the light of Good we should pray for whole world for the givenes of our weakness so the war we are looking to impose shall be stop by God Ameen suma Amen H .A.KHALID Sh USA

  5. Could we have some more details / proof that the Saudi Mufti declared Ahmadis as Muslim? If so the Hajj restrictions should be removed immediately

  6. @ Rafiq. A. Tschannen

    The biggest problem Ahmadies start dreaming religious liberties even if a small dent is observed in current status quo. Since Ahmadiyya community is striving hard for global peace as such, might be under pressure from US and other global actors, KSA led conference was pressurised to invite Ahmadiyya member to participate in the conference. What is their contribution and where they stand after the conference nothing is known so for. So please do not draw self esteemed conclusions.

  7. Assalaamu’alaikum. Not just so simple as bro. Ihtesham commented that someone directly becomes kafir. The Holy Prophet Muhammad sallaLLAAHU ‘alaihi wasallam even said that whoever recites Laa Ilaaha illa LLAAHU fahuwal muslim. So no one other than ALLAH and The Holy Prophet Muhammad sallaLLAAHU’ alaihi wasallam has the rights to determine someone Kafir or Muslim

  8. The truth of the matter is that as a muslim in this age is to recognize the Mahdi and the khalifat of the time. The only jamat that faithfully pressented us with a head is the Ahmadiyya sect in Islam. No doubt, Muhammad pboh said only one of the 73sect shall be doing the work of Jannat. How many sect have a leader like this Jammat Ahmadiyya? The answer is none. Saudi is never a determinant of ones faith but Taqwa!

  9. To have peace in the muslim world is to accept the truth about Imam Mahdi. Not necessary you join the fold but accept the truth and be under the cover of a worldwide khalifa. Why the muslim nations suffer in the hand of their enemy is because Muslims fail to accept a khalifa of the Mahdi. So they lack order and control.

  10. Inviting Ahmadiyya jamaat to a conference is not a big thing. Ahmadiya is a seed Allah as planted right from the hand of Muhammad pboh watered by Imam Mahdi and the plant is nutured and care for by the living spiritual khalifa of Ahmadiyya muslim Jamaat. So no man can uproot it or cut it down. If you try to uproot it, you brake your waist or you cut yourself if you attempt to cut a of its leaves. O Muslims of the world, the sun is too hot come and have your protection under the shade of this spiritual tree.

  11. I strongly believe that Ahmadiyyah is 100 percent Islam or Muslim. Those who accuse Ahmadiyyah is not Islam, they are blind because their eyes and heart have been closed by hatred. They walk in the darkness, and then will fall into the Hole of disgrace like extremist Muslim Isis, Taliban etc.

    As long as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and extremist Clerics do not accept Ahmadiyyah Muslim and Shiah Muslim, there is no Peace and bless.

    Those who obey Human Right will be blessed with peace, prosperity and happiness.

    • Dear brother Somi tempo I read your comments I am 100 percent Blive and agreed that the others sects of Islam. Not conceder Muslim to Ahmadya jamat and Ahmadies services and secfises Of their loved one for the country that’s why Godalmighty is not happy and stop blessing and Muslim killing Muslim where as the muslims need to be staned united we all should pray God almighty forgiveness our sins and our weakness do you agree brother H A Khalid Sh USA

    • Thank you brothers/sister I am very happy that at leas someone is thinking properly and isnt just being fed the wrong information. Ahmadis are he true muslims. Muhammad SAW said the true sect will have one imam who they follow. Jamat e Ahmadiyya is the only sect like this. May Allah SWT guide you and bless you.

    • Dear All brothers of Islam AAO you bllive or not the time is coming when every every body will salogon that Hadret mirza ghulam Ahmad Amam Mehdi and Massia was the real and true Man of God then will say Mirza Ghiulam Ahmed ke key Ahmadiat Zindabad Islam Zindabad i have no fought in it HA Khalid Sh USA

  12. Keep hope, and pray to Allah sincerely, avoid hatred and sinful syrick, insya Allah, your prayer will be listened by Allah, Amin

    All our ❤️

  13. If the report is true, that is a great. Is this a baby step by Saudi towards Quranic pluralism? Let us hope so

    • actually I think it was ‘by mistake’. The Ahmadi who was invited has promoted Islam in America a lot and is well known on TV and media. The Saudis just did not realize he is Ahmadi (my interpretation).

  14. I think that everyone is going at the pace of a 1000 km an hour since the headline of this news but it might be a fluke or unintentional. Ahmadiyya Muslim community does not need the approval of Saudi Mufti, Pakistani Mulah, Donald Trump, Somi or the rest of the world, they only care for the approval and pleasure of Allah.

  15. I think and my suggestion to my brother Ahmadiyya try to contemplate why Imam or clerics of Saudi Arabia still reject the faith of Ahmadiyyah after 120 years ?

    Young Ahmadiyyah should have a debate openly let people judge by themselve who is right and wrong. Young educated Muslim have not so fanatic or bigotry, they believe in something logically.

    All our ❤️

    • Somi, did you not notice that Ahmadiyya members are actively engaged in debates and dialogue constantly?

      • If yes. It is cool, but I did not see in youtube.
        Can you send me a debate about Ahmadiyyah faith?

    • Somi,

      There are countless videos on Ahmadiyyat that are viral on YouTube. If you search “Debate: Ahmadi Muslims”, you will find many.

      These are two video links in which you can see the efforts of this community and benefit from them. One video is about Muslims defending Islam across America and the other is a documentary about a coastal town in London that established a local community of Ahmadi Muslims. You can start from here about finding more information about this amazing community!

      • Watch Ahmadianswers and you will get all your answers. Also visit Ahmadiyya.

  16. Somi which world do you live in? Ahmadiyya Muslim community is actively promoting, propagating and spreading the true teachings of Islam via dialogue, seminars, fares, conferences and exhibitions and more. Just open your eyes and look. Attend a few it might do you some good

  17. somi try to learn the true teaching of islam. no where in the bible or quran where jesus ,not poul,not mark ,not Mathew categorically says he is god. Its crystal clear from several verses of the bible that jesus said he was the servant of God. In both testaments , the God is one and greater than everything.

  18. If meracle is the yardsticks with which you ascribed divinity to Jesus alaihisalam then what will you say about several other prophets in the bible who also performed miracles ? Elijah ,Elisha , Isaiah , etc all permformed greater miracles by the permission of Almighty Allah as Jesus himself declared thet:
    “I can do nothing on my own. I judge asGod tells me. Therefore, my judgment is just, because I carryout the will of the one who sent me, not my own will.” John 5:30.

  19. Saudi Mufti sahib’s statement shows that he’s a true scholar and also courageous person.If someone claims that he’s Muslim then according to Hadith he is. No one can deny, it’s against the teaching of our most beloved Imam Holy Prophet ( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

  20. Aslam Allaikum W.W.dear brother Imran,can you where and where in Allah’s Holly books does He say who ever does not believe that Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBH)is the final prophet is a qafir .

  21. Rafiq—wrote:Nice, hopefully Ahmadi-Muslims will be invited to Hajj next also.—-

    From my view — actually God protect Ahmadiyya from committing the idolatry in Mecca—it is the blessed of disguise —please realize it.

    The pilgrim of hajji is not obligatotry—that is why Hajji is not in Pillar of Islam. It is false.


      • I agree that hajji is not idolatry—- but kissing and encircling the STONE is the act of idolatry as Pegan did before Islam came to Mecca.

        Better not to do it, you will not sinful, but if you do it, you commit idolatry Rafiq!
        Better not to do it— it is wise choise.
        Islam is a religion of logical— not dogmatic.

      • Idolatry is in the mind not in the stone. Yes, if someone would think that we should pray TO the stone or expect help FROM the stone it would be idolatry. However, in my five visits to Makkah I did not meet one person who thought so (although of course I cannot read every ones’ mind). Islam is a religion of logic, yes, and logic is that a stone is a stone and nothing more.

  22. Rafiq—Islam is a religion of logic, yes, and logic is that a stone is a stone and nothing more.—

    Did you kiss Stone kaaba or asward?
    Did you encircle Stone Kaaba?

    Dont you ask someone to kiss and encircle STONR!
    You become idolatry too.

    Idolatry is a the biggest sin in Islam, better not to do it

    • Right. a stone is a stone. And just because we like to touch it, because the Prophet did (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) does not mean that we worship the stone !!!!

      All Muslims during Haj circle the Kaaba, except Somi. Again, it does not mean we worship the stones of the Kaaba. We pray to Allah and to Him Alone !!!

      (is that so difficult to understand?)

  23. o ahmadi non muslim brothers pls. give me the name & Address of the saudi mufti who declared you muslim ?

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