Problems of Organized Religion: Nation of Islam calls former ally Keith Ellison a ‘hypocrite’

Nation of Islam calls former ally Keith Ellison a ‘hypocrite’

Source: Chicago Tribune

By Kim Janssen

Would-be Democratic National Committee Chairman U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison has been catching hell from conservatives and enemies within his own party for his past ties to South Side firebrand Louis Farrakhan.

Now the Nation of Islam itself is piling on, accusing Ellison of being a “hypocrite” and seeking to embarrass him for what it called his “cowardly and baseless repudiation” of the controversial South Side-based religious leader he once supported, and who once infamously called Judaism a “gutter religion.”

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Keith Elison oath on Quran

Keith Elison, the first Muslim USA Congressman taking oath on Jefferson’s copy of the Quran, in the picture you also see his wife and Ex. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s comments:

Anyone who has a nuanced position or does not agree with organized religion is labeled as “hypocrite,” while the organized religion ignores its own changing and evolving positions, as they adjust to new circumstances.

Would the Nation of Islam closely examine, how far they have come from the views and politics of its founder over the decades, before piling up on Keith Ellison and not helping him?

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