‘They think we’re invaders’


Joanna lost her job in a food processing factory four months ago and is now considering moving abroad.”I don’t see any future for me here, especially after what happened after Brexit,” Joanna says. According to the latest figures, published in August, there are 2.23 million EU nationals working in the UK – an increase of 238,000 on the same period in 2015. An estimated 850,000 Poles live in the UK. Joanna is keen to challenge the view, held by some, that EU nationals come to the UK to access welfare payments. “[Polish people] were prepared to come here, work hard and be normal members of society,” she says. “We are very easy to integrate and we are very pleased to integrate with Brits. But Brits don’t want to integrate with us.”They think we are invaders, that we want to take something from them.”No,” she says emphatically, “we don’t want to take, we want to give.”


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  1. ‘‘They think we’re invaders’’ – Joanna: turn it round – Brits working in Poland keeping Polish people out of work. The Brits are not at fault, it’s the bungling Brits government at fault (they will blame the EC). The worst ever British PM, Cameron, took to his heels and got out fast in the confusion of his concocted mess, Brexit, leaving the UK in the hands of an outside influence (that crept in under cover of the Bible during the Roman ‘occupation’ .

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