Day: October 30, 2016

Italy Hit by Strongest Earthquake in 35 Years

Source: Time By Gregorio Borgia, Nicole Winfield & Colleen Barry / AP (NORCIA, Italy) —Central Italy was hit by another powerful earthquake Sunday, toppling buildings that had recently withstood other major quakes and sending panicked residents back into the streets, but causing no immediate loss of life. The quake with a […]

On a knife edge

Source Dawn Islamabad on Nov 2. Not in large numbers, but just enough to cause alarm.Because the government is already alarmed, even the minimum could work. A bunch of stragglers here and there chanting and marching towards police barricades, TV cameras in tow.Then, let the government do its thing and […]

No the Torah is not flawed

Source: Times of Israel Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo’s The deliberately flawed divine Torah is by far the most problematic article yet by this writer. Whereas Rabbi Cardozo has written that he did not fully observe Tisha B’Av this year, and has called for dispensing with the Codes of Jewish Law […]