No the Torah is not flawed

Source: Times of Israel

Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo’s The deliberately flawed divine Torah is by far the most problematic article yet by this writer. Whereas Rabbi Cardozo has written that he did not fully observe Tisha B’Av this year, and has called for dispensing with the Codes of Jewish Law and the abolition of Halacha that strikes him as regressive (please also see here), Rabbi Cardozo has now accepted the approach of the Conservative Movement, which postulates that Halacha is not objective divine truth, is not fixed, and that it must change in accordance with the values of the times and with various needs.


Categories: Asia, Israel, Jewish Faith, Judaism

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  1. In depth following of discussion itself points out belief in flawed Torah. Except for Quran no book claims its lasting existence without changes and flaws. Since Quran did not change as such its claim without flaw is only acceptable.
    As for interpretation of different revealed books is concerned yes all is flawed and changed including Quran. However here big question arises can human being ask for changes in revealed books in order to facilitate demands of its followers. If yes then why did God send such book at all.

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