Day: October 11, 2016

US election should be scrapped!

LINDA HEARD | Published — Tuesday 11 October 2016 Linda Heard The upcoming US presidential election needs a redo. Both candidates are generally disliked and both are embroiled in various kinds of scandals. Neither is of the caliber to lead America, never mind the so-called free world. In a perfect […]

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society in the Holy Karbala mobilizes its humanitarian and material efforts for the visit of the Tenth of Muharram

from Iraqi Red Crescent Society Published on 11 Oct 2016 —View Original The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) / Karbala branch has mobilized all its humanitarian and material efforts for the visit of the Tenth of Muharram to provide the medical services and service to the visitors. Where the IRCS […]

Stirring more problems?

Oct 10,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – EDITORIAL With Moscow deciding to increase its military involvement in Syria and establish a permanent military base in the country, tension between it and Washington can be expected to increase, hopefully not to crisis level. The world has plenty of those and could ill […]


MP meets Muslim youth raising funds for flood victims By Carl Fallowfield on 10/10/2016    South Lakeland MP Tim Farron met with members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association this Saturday, to set off their charity cycle ride across Cumbria to raise money for flood victims. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth […]

Anti-Ahmadi hate crime has gone unchecked for too long – and the consequences are terrifying

Source: Independent By Fiyaz Mughal @TellMamaUK Tuesday 11 October 2016 56 comments A personality cult has developed around Tanveer Qadri, the jailed murderer of Asad Shah, with groups of young men praising him and religious sermons glorifying his terrible actions Anti-Ahmadi hatred is a form of sectarian racism that has long gone unchecked […]