Day: October 28, 2016

How Being Overweight May Affect Memory

Source: Time By Amanda MacMillan Want to stay sharp well into old age? Keep an eye on your waistline, suggests a recent study from the University of Arizona. Having a higher body mass index (BMI) can negatively impact brain functioning in older adults, researchers say, and there’s evidence that inflammation is […]

45 Weird Bans on Women in Iran

Frontpage Mag, Gender apartheid in the Islamic Republic. October 27, 2016, Dr. Majid Rafizadeh 37 Under Iran’s Islamic laws, women are prohibited from performing basic day-to-day activities. I had firsthand experience of witnessing many of these strange and bizarre bans while living in Iran and other Muslim countries. Millions of women, […]

U.S. Doesn’t Know Who Will Attack ISIS HQ

Source: The Daily Beast The plan to cut off the city of Raqqa, the capital of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, could begin as early as “two weeks,” a U.S. defense official told The Daily Beast Thursday. But which troops would eventually enter Raqqa after it is surrounded—and how the U.S.-led […]

‘They think we’re invaders’

Source:BBC Joanna lost her job in a food processing factory four months ago and is now considering moving abroad.”I don’t see any future for me here, especially after what happened after Brexit,” Joanna says. According to the latest figures, published in August, there are 2.23 million EU nationals working in the […]

Is South Asia ripe for ISIS rise?

Source: CNN ISIS is transforming from a pretentious caliphate-building group to a global terrorist movement, and of all the poorly governed regions, the Af-Pak theater is most ripe for the rise of the ISK. Afghanistan Taliban, Pakistani Taliban, Al Qaeda in the Indian Sub Continent (AQIS) and another dozen groups […]