Licensed agents of intolerance

Source: Dawn

THERE can be no doubt that we are wading through an uncertain era of religious atavism. But let us also not ignore another by-product of this apparent iodine deficiency — cultural cretinism. It is steadily shrinking our life skills, including the ability to bond with people from different branches of the tree we share.

The tragedy of the Bamiyan Buddhas and of a mediaeval mosque in Ayodhya, the sacking of Palmyra in Syria, the gunning down of a loved qawwal in Pakistan, the growing assaults on Bauls in Bangladesh, who sing Tagore, Nazrul and Ginsberg, the forced deplaning of a honeymooning couple by an airhostess after she heard the man saying “Allah”, the rise of Donald Trump, the assault on Muslims and Dalits in India for eating beef, the routine beating up of Africans and Manipuris in Delhi are interconnected by a global enterprise. It uses religion to destroy great, living cultures with hate and fear.

The Bamiyan Buddhas were ensconced since whenever in Afghanistan, including several centuries under Muslim watch. They were either admired or accepted like any habit by those that lived under their majestic shadow. Then one day the great work of art was blown up, with artillery, by marauders who were raised in a joint enterprise by America and its allies as the ‘sword arm’ of Islam.


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  1. Great analysis. But regrettably lacked the prime cause,the Pakistan, starting the chain reaction of intolerance. Go back to 1974 when seed was sown. Sapling got nurtured in 1984 and turned out to be tall grown tree. It all started when state intermingled with religion of its inhabitants. National Action Plan or it may be other short planned projects, to uproot terrorism, are unlikely to accomplish required results. Suggest those who matter, to go back to rectify the basic fault. Separate the state from religion and start reforming the people accordingly.

  2. To: Zubair Khan: Yet again, you have it all wrong. The trouble is caused by the Jews. They have a centuries old history of getting involved at the highest level. Since the crucifixion the Bible (Christians), and Koran (Mohammads, Islamists, Muslims), have been used as a front for Judaism. The Christianised West is largely to blame for allowing and supporting the jews (blinded by a lifelong misplaced adherence to the Bible). This same blindness is showing through the followers of the Koran. Both the Bible and Koran are offshoots of the Judaism scriptures (easily checked).

    • Well it is your view point. No revealed book teaches violence, injustice, intolerance and other atrocities against humanity. People for their selfish motives interpret and take advantage of these books.

  3. To: Zubair Khan:- “steadily shrinking our life skills, including the ability to bond with people from different branches of the tree we share”. Analysis of the Bible and Koran.

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