Day: August 10, 2016

The Spirit of a Scientist

Source: Huffington Post By Raeya Maswood Ph.D. Student in Cognitive Science and Science Blogger at Cognitive Ties This past June was full of deadlines and work towards my Master’s thesis. My days were spent analyzing data, reading articles, writing, revising and writing more (and revising more). As a Ph.D. student who […]

Licensed agents of intolerance

Source: Dawn THERE can be no doubt that we are wading through an uncertain era of religious atavism. But let us also not ignore another by-product of this apparent iodine deficiency — cultural cretinism. It is steadily shrinking our life skills, including the ability to bond with people from different […]

Is Pakistan isolated?

Source: Dawn Pakistan is far from isolated. It enjoys a very close strategic relationship with its largest neighbour China, the emerging superpower. Relations with Iran are complex, but not hostile, and can become cooperative. Relations with regional neighbours Saudi Arabia, the GCC and Turkey remain friendly, with considerable potential for […]