Day: August 5, 2016

The Saracens of St. Tropez

nder cover of darkness, they beached their small, lateen-rigged sailing vessel on the rocky shore and began the slow, silent climb to the manor house on the hill. Storm clouds shrouded the moon, darkening the coastal Mediterranean landscape; sporadic rain and gusting winds concealed the sailors’ approach. They were 20 […]

Trump Hates Windmills More Than Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump has many positions on many, many things. Except windmills. He hates them. Bigly. It’s impossible to discern what Donald Trump actually believes, if anything at all, but there is one policy position on which he has never wavered: wind turbines. He fucking hates them, though in true Trump fashion […]

Bleeding 2016

Source: ET Though 2016 brought expectations of there being decreased space across the world for terrorists, there was an increased frequency of terror attacks in peaceful areas such Nice on the eve of Bastille Day. This not only increased concerns, but also raised questions regarding the efficacy of ongoing anti-terror […]

Thousands Protest Extremism in Bangladesh

More than 100,000 students took to the streets in Bangladesh on Monday to protest the rise of Islamist extremism in the South Asian country, according to Association Press. Map showing the location of Bangladesh. (Photo: Screenshot from Google Maps) Protesters linked arms and formed human chains in the capital Dhaka and in […]