President Obama Says Donald Trump’s Claim That Election Will Be Rigged Is ‘Ridiculous’

Source: Time

By Daniel White

President Obama rebuffed Donald Trump’s suggestion that the general election in November would somehow be rigged, joking that he’d never heard of anyone complaining about cheating before the game was even over.

“Of course the election will not be rigged. What does that mean?” Obama said Thursday. Speaking from the Pentagon, Obama said the Republican nominee’s suggestion that there is a conspiracy to keep him from winning the election is “ridiculous.”

“This will be an election like any other election,” Obama said.

Earlier this week, Trump suggested that the upcoming general election would be rigged.

Obama did say, however, that the federal government would be watching out for practices that prevent people from voting because of accessibility or polling place issues.

“I think all of us in some points in our lives…sometimes folks if they lose they start complaining about being cheated. …Never heard of someone complaining about being cheated before the game is finished,” the president said.

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