Day: August 7, 2016

Rio Olympics: Ibtihaj Muhammad set to become the first American to compete in a hijab at the Olympics

 Jonathan Liew, rio de janeiro  7 AUGUST 2016 • 9:02PM. There are still a few people out there who claim that Ibtihaj Muhammad is not truly American, which when you consider the facts of the matter is a pretty ambitious argument. She was born and raised in Maplewood, New Jersey; […]

Why Am I Always Hungry?

Source: Time BY Markham Heid Too little sleep and too much stress can make you hungry.Watching TV can make you hungry. Your hormones and moodand even the wrong-sized fork can make you hungry. “Hunger is not as simple as needing food to meet physical needs,” says Aner Tal, a research associate […]

Human rights and American hypocrisy

Source: Newindian Express: Every time I hear about atrocities on Dalits, I feel ashamed. In spite of hundreds of years of social reforms, the Hindu society continues to be plagued by this scourge. I am also disgusted by the sheer hypocrisy on the part of the US when it pontificates […]

It’s against tenets of Islam

Source: Newindian Express: ALLAHABAD: A school here has refused to allow recital of the national anthem by students and staff members on Independence Day, claiming that its words violated the tenets of Islam, following which eight teachers, including the principal, have quit in protest against the diktat. Authorities said that […]

Serious reason to worry (for Jordan)

Aug 06,2016 – JORDAN TIMES The Golan Heights give reason to the region to worry. The deteriorating situation there, whereby 1,000 jihadists affiliating with Daesh chose Golan as their base, poses a tangible threat that requires prompt action. And with another 1,500 jihadists calling themselves Jabhat Al Nusra — which […]