Jihad verses to be recited in schools all over Pakistan. CII


The Council of Islamic Ideology is at it again. After suggesting that men should gently beat their wives, it now wants jihad verses to be recited in schools all over Pakistan. According to Maulana Sheerani, this is being done at the behest of the Americans who need mercenaries to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. We all know what happened the last time when we did something like this. The Soviet Union withdrew its forces from Afghanistan and the Americans abandoned the Mujahideen who hung like a millstone around the neck of the Pakistan establishment.

I have no idea what the views of Nawaz Sharif and General Raheel Sharif are on both pronouncements. But, I certainly know what the PPP and the MQM think about both recommendations, which all sensible people regard as arcane and medieval and which have no other purpose than to incite Muslims to wage a holy war. It is an edge-of-seat irritation for the Foreign Office, which is desperately trying to play down the image of Pakistanis always applying a generous lather of aggression. The Council has plumbed the depths of self-deprecation and has displayed an insouciant conceit in the way it issues edicts with effortless ease without a care for the consequences. Some people have fallen without a trace. The Council has risen without a trace.


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