Human rights and American hypocrisy

Source: Newindian Express:

Every time I hear about atrocities on Dalits, I feel ashamed. In spite of hundreds of years of social reforms, the Hindu society continues to be plagued by this scourge. I am also disgusted by the sheer hypocrisy on the part of the US when it pontificates India on the issue of ‘tolerance’ and treatment of its weaker sections (read Dalits), following any such unfortunate incident. Once again, the US seized an opportunity to lecture India.

Following the inexcusable flogging of four Dalit youths at Una in Gujarat recently, America promptly expressed concern over ‘rising intolerance, violence’ in India. High decibel reactions, bordering on outrage, about caste-related violence in India on the part of the US are surely not borne out of its genuine concern for Dalits. The US commitment to ideals such as human rights, rule of law and democracy is confined only to whites within the American borders.

The US has frequently joined hands with ruthless despots. It has been in cahoots with the military dictators of Pakistan and the Communist regime of China. The record of both these countries on the issue of human rights and dealing with their intellectuals or religious minorities is gloomy. The US treatment of prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp puts its record on human rights at par with Stalin’s Soviet Union. In a 2005 Amnesty International report, the facility was termed ‘Gulag of our times.’ In 2006, the United Nations called unsuccessfully for the Guantanamo Bay detention camp to be closed. In spite of world-wide protests, the camp continues to function with all its horrors.

And what’s America’s report card in dealing with its own people?  According to a Guardian study, 1,134 blacks were killed at the hands of police in the US in 2015. The study reveals that young black men were  ‘nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed’ by police officers. Paired with official government mortality data, about one in every 65 deaths of a young African-American man in the US is a killing by police.


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  1. Instead criticising USA, better approach would have been to recognise own faults and rectify these. This what great nations do.

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