Bleeding 2016

Source: ET

Though 2016 brought expectations of there being decreased space across the world for terrorists, there was an increased frequency of terror attacks in peaceful areas such Nice on the eve of Bastille Day. This not only increased concerns, but also raised questions regarding the efficacy of ongoing anti-terror operations and apparatus. By hitting countries like France, Bangladesh, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, terrorists have not only registered their presence, but rather strengthened the need to realise that terrorism is not a country-specific concern. Instead, it is a global concern; hence nations will have to come out of denial.

Extremism requires the intervention of communities, otherwise common folk will start questioning the effectiveness of states and governments. Communities, families, teachers, the clergy, academics, psychologists and politicians need to opt for a synchronised diagnostic approach. The first six months of the current year paint a gloomy scenario that warrants not only local intervention but also accelerated and coordinated anti-extremist and anti- terrorist endeavours globally. In January 2016, 28 incidents of suicide bombing were reported worldwide. Afghanistan faced five, Cameroon four, Pakistan and Yemen three each, Iraq, Libya, Chad and Syria, two each, and Somalia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Nigeria, one incident each. In January 2015, however, only nine incidents of suicide bombing were registered globally.


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