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Our Lady of Grace Church of Castro Valley hosts the first Muslim-Catholic interfaith dialogue on PEACEMAKING 

CASTRO VALLEY, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, SAT JUNE 18, 2016- Four panelists invited to this first Catholic interfaith event here included Dr. William O’Neill,  Prof. Mather Kirk, Dr, Ejaz Naqvi and Dr. Hanif Koya ( the Muslim News editor).

The four panelists:

Dr William O'Niell    Prof. Mather KirkDr Ejaz Naqvi Dr. H Koya

Dr. William O’Neill,  Prof. Mather Kirik. Dr. Ejaz Naqvi and Dr. H. Koya


Here’s the bullet point presentation that may be useful for other use with their own modification.

Originally Published in The San Francisco Chronicle

As a member of the international Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I wish to appeal to all Muslims to exercise restraint and patience, for Quran says God is with the patient.

Secondly, Quran says not to create disorder on earth whether it is simple misdemeanor or of felonious nature causing property damage or risking human life.

Being patient is not cowardice or taking defeat, it is rising to the level of being righteous that Quran calls “muttaqee.”

Love for all, hatred for none.

Hanif Koya, editor, Muslim News, Hayward

Bullet point presentation

  1. Assalamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullah e Wa Barkatahu!
  2. Islam = Salam = peace
  3. Peace and blessings on Prophets of God
  4. Do not create disorder on earth – breach of peace.
  5. God loves not those who create disorder on earth.
  6. Sullah! ( refers to amicable understanding)
  7. Sullah Hudaibya – very pivotal in the history of Islam. Many things were given up in exchange for peace and future.
  8. A model for world peace.
  9. Peace pact essential to ensure all parties conform to the same terms and conditions.
  10. Absence of peace pact leaves all nations free to deal with any situation in their own ways.
  11. Leads to chaos, confusion, disagreements and mistrust.
  12. A peace pact infuses trust and sound neighborly relation.
  13. Peace and calm emanate from within us, permeates in the family, neighborhood, nation and the world at large..
  14. Peace is founded on sound divine teachings for peace divine.
  15. Peace is the fundamental of stable society war is the opposite.
  16. While full force and emphasis is on peaceful living, Islam also provides for war only in defense not as an offensive strike.
  17. War on Muslims must be against their faith and not motivated by any other reasons.
  18. War cannot be by individual Muslims or secret groups of Muslims. It must be by a Muslim nation which must first be a party to a Peace Pact and must first be a victim of the violation of the pact on the basis of religion.
  19. Given the modern time and potential for mass destruction marked by the timeline of the arrival of what is refried to “Masih –ud- Dajjal”  who would make Jihad null and void for Muslims war is not option for Muslims. They must adopt peaceful means to settle all their differences with people of the world.
  1. Peace in the sense with a marked degree of patience, tolerance, forgiveness , giving up rather taking on “ repelling evil with good” a very daunting task with pristine aim of what Quran says “ Raziayatum Marziya”  when you are pleased with God and God is please with you.
  1. One cannot have guns and toxics on hand and love for God on the other. The two don’t mix. They are paradoxical. For Muslims if the goal is RAZIYATUM MARZIYA pleasure of Allah, then must give all means of valance and have total submission to the will of God for He is the center of peace and tranquility.
  1. As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, we have the first hand experience of being persecuted and killed by own fellow Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and most recently in London juts two months. But we go on without reacting with range and violence. We weep, we sob and fall before our Lord justice and forgiveness because we know victory will come and we will prevail without violence or terrorism. We know those who persecute us today will embrace and love us one day soon.





Love for all hatred for

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