Albanian Villages Ponder Local Spike in ISIS Recruits

Source. Balkan Insight

Ervis Alinj and Bledar Hamza were childhood friends as they grew up together in the village of Leshnica in southeast Albania.

Their paths later strayed, as Alinj migrated to Greece and Hamza moved with his family to Italy – both in search of better lives. Their paths crossed again, for the last time, under the flag of the so-called Islamic State, ISIS.

Early in 2013 the two young men, both then aged around 25, met in Tirana and decided to join ISIS.

Their names are today listed among the Albanian jihadists who are believed to have died in Syria.

Ervis’s father, Hamdi Alinj, a hunched man with strong, calloused hands from years of toil, still refuses to believe that his son is dead.

Since his son disappeared three years ago, Hamdi has heard several different stories about his fate and has chosen to believe that his son remains alive.

“It has been years since I have seen him but my heart tells me he is alive,” Hamdi says, his eyes alight with hope.


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  1. When you downgrade those who preach love and peace such results are the outcomes. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has big centre and mosque in Tirana and oft approach villages for the peaceful and loving teachings of Islam. Regrettably, under the influence of extremist Mullahs, local Muslim look down at Ahmadiyya philosophy and now country has started suffering.

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