Jesus- A Prophet: The Ahmadiyya Muslim View Ahmadi Muslims hold the unique belief that Jesus (peace be upon him) survived the crucifixion and travelled towards India to continue his ministry among the Lost Tribes of Israel. Furthermore, they claim that his tomb, containing his body, has been recently re-discovered in India where it can be seen to this day. Ahmadi Muslims also assert that this belief is not only upheld by the Holy Quran and the Sayings of Muhammad sa, but even by the Holy Bible itself.


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  1. LOL. yes yes Jesus survived the crucifixion…and wandered towards India…then eventually hitched a ride with brigham young and moved to NY state where with Elvis they are slinging hamburgers for a living. What a total crap article…especially coming from Ahmadiyyas.

  2. Hi Mike, I think your prejudiced mind against Ahmadiyyat cannot even allow you to use your reasoning. Can you please tell the world also in which book of the Ahmadiyya did you read that crap of yours or are you one of those supporting isis who have completely lost their mind because of hatred of truth? I feel sorry for people like you because you don’t seek the truth but you always try to undermine truth wherever you find it. You are exactly like the isis who are not muslims and are been sponsored by non muslims to carryout evil acts in the name of Islam. You are the people who are still carrying out the programs of the ‘ Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ Your aim is to destroy the whole middle east and after that Israel will come and take over and the Zionist in America will be in control of all the wealth in the middle east. But mind you at the end you will reap what you sow.
    The hatred you have against Ahmadiyyat will not have any effect on Ahmadiyyat. The more you hate Ahmadiyyat the more the caravan of Ahmadiyyat moves on even with a greater speed because it is full of Truth and logic. By hating Ahmadiyyat you create a hell for yourself in this world and next world.
    Hope you see the light.

  3. Dear Mike I know you are partly speaking out of ignorance but do tell me why “special” with Ahmadiyya?

    • Dear Dr. Abdul. I might not have doctor in front of my name – but 2.5 university degrees later and I would NOT describe myself as ignorant. As per the Muslim Times. I want to read articulate accurate insightful stories – not articles repeatedly diminishing Jesus Christ or Christianity in general. ‘Fostering Universal Brotherhood’ might have to be changed. I would like to see Islam and other faiths under as much scrutiny on these pages because articles like this are creative conflict and sloppy journalism at it’s best…not engagement or enlightenment. Christians have their own questions on their interpretation of the faith. They have questions about the divinity, the practices, the theology and dogma passed down for over 2 millennia. This compares to any member of any faith group asking their own questions. With each passing year misinformation and suggestive theories attempt to rewrite history. The British occupied Ireland for 8 centuries and therefore got to write all the textbooks used in their schools. Rather one sided and pro British to say the least. But stories on Jesus surviving the crucifixion and making His way to India are bogus and irresponsible at least as well as grotesque and offensive. It’s an attack on divinity and accepted belief. To make such claims in my opinion is blasphemy – not some intellectual pursuit for truth or justice. Based on what evidence? Pictures in a cave? A shred of clay jar or lost Aramaic scroll? Or simply another attempt to disprove and disrespect Christianity because you can and it’s rather a sport these days? While the number of Christians (and others) continues to grow – the attendance and practice/religious observance is in decline. Church attendance is in decline generally speaking. As I look back over time – Europeans (and others!) have had written language for a very long time. So how is it possible that stories like this one come to light now – after all these centuries – instead of being revealed and discussed 2000 years ago, 1500 years ago 1000 years ago, even 100 years ago. Is mankind more religious now? More curious? More reflective or intellectual? The same or less I suspect. Therefore this story and it’s premiss are offensive and manufactured. Not the motto of universal brotherhood nor the warm fuzzy feelings associated with acquiring knowledge. QUITE FRANKLY it’s a lousy story – and just a story. I have higher standards for the Muslim Times and for the intellectual narrative of Ahmadiyya adherents. Don’t you agree Dr. Abdul? Did you expect a round of applause for this story? or just got caught by a reader for how pedantic and ridiculous this fable really is?

      AS FOR Alusine! I have no idea who you are. I don’t hate anyone, nor Ahmadiyyat (sp?). I am active in my faith community. I frequently donate to charities that include Islamic Relief Worldwide, ISNA, Feed the Children, Sharelife, earthquake relief, the Red Cross, and helped sponsor Syrian Refugees to Canada (not bad for 1 guy – and regardless of these peoples faiths). I am even a paid member of Agha Khan museum in Toronto – that so magnificently displays artifacts, facts and Islamic knowledge to the rest of us. YOU believe what you like. As will I. As I understand it – Muslims (regardless of sect) have little admiration for Jesus – a prophet but certainly not an important one. His life and contributions have almost NO impact on your life or practicing your faith. A blip if you will in pages of Quran or other writings. I hope you practice your faith and get all you can from it! But when stories like this cross the line – I have the right to say it’s b.s. It’s offensive. It’s a verbal assault on history. I have quite the open mind in fact – and if you knew me – you would see that. But I am prejudiced somehow that non Christians feel it’s their duty to write stories on Jesus which simply are not true? That’s disgusting and one sided. YOUR faith does not have a monopoly on truth or logic let alone any more credibility. As per my personal hell…wow….thanks I think! Will I see you there?

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