Real Peace on Earth

Review of Religions: The political, economic and social unrest in the world is indeed the most critical issue of our time. The disturbances in the Middle East, tensions between North and South Korea, so-called Islamic militancy worldwide, sectarian strife, the conflict in Ukraine, ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan, gun crime in the U.S., violence around Africa and tensions between major superpowers are but a few of the reasons for unrest around the world. Ever since the world has become a global village, the unrest in one part of the world also seeps into other countries and causes reasons for concern worldwide. These are all pressing issues which cannot be ignored and the need for real peace on earth is more important than ever before.

The U.N. and world superpowers have been trying to resolve conflicts and unease in the world for many years, but their efforts seem to be futile. Instead of successfully being able to establish peace, their efforts seem to bring more widespread disorder and chaos. The world is fast spiraling into an abyss of violence and warfare and we seem to be at the brink of another potentially catastrophic world war.

With the development of weapons of mass destruction, the need for real peace on earth has become ever more important and an issue concerning everyone. Can we save ourselves from the premonition of imminent disaster? Can real peace on earth be established without the need for complete destruction?

In accordance with these prophecies, this man made his appearance over 126 years ago bearing the torch of peace, love and harmony. He came to unite mankind under one banner. He came to teach true moral values and end conflict and war. This man of God laid the foundation of real peace on earth. Likewise, in accordance with the prophecies, this man was followed by a system of spiritual leadership, which was to become the spearhead for establishing peace in the world. That system is the system of Khilafat.

The current Khalifah of the Promised Messiahas, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba, is at the forefront of bringing true peace on the earth. He has personally taken the message of peace to Capitol Hill in Washington, the European Parliament in Brussels and the Houses of Parliament in London. He has written letters to world leaders from Putin to Obama, Pope Benedict to Ayatollah Khamenei, Netanyahu to Ahmadinejad and David Cameron to Angela Merkel, explaining their responsibilities for the establishment of world peace and the requirements of true justice which are essential to bring about this end.

The Khalifah of the Promised Messiahas, being the spiritual head of the largest fully organised Muslim group in the world, has boldly condemned any acts of extremism and violence in the name of Islam, or any religion for that matter.

The United Nations and other peace keeping organisations have not been successful in resolving con icts across the world and their actions have done more harm than good. Therefore, alternative methods must be used to ensure safety, security and peace between nations. (Accessed via Wiki Commons)

Nowadays, the religion of Islam is blamed for the lack of peace in the world. However, in accordance with the true teachings of Islam, he has advocated the message of ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’ and speaking against the evil acts of the so-called Muslims he explained that, “for true peace to be established mankind had to recognise its Creator and submit before Him. The Holy Prophetsa forewarned that a time would come when the Muslims themselves would forget the true teachings of their religion and would not pay due heed to the Supreme Being and would only pay lip service to their belief. Similarly, the people of other religions would also fail to truly recognise the Supreme Being, whilst those who did not believe in religion would fail to even acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being. And the Supreme Being that the Holy Prophetsa spoke about was the God Who is the Creator of the entire Universe. It is that God, Who amongst His many attributes, is ‘Salaam’—that is, the ‘Source of Peace’…The meaning of ‘Salaam’ is He who provides peace to the world and is the light from which all peace emanates. This, as the true source of all peace, God desires an existence of peace and harmony for all of mankind. Just as parents do not like for their children to fight or argue with each other and to cause disturbance in the home, in the same way Allah the Almighty does not like disorder or conflict among His Creation.”[1]

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  1. I do not believe that a real peace will occur on earth even a prophet come to this world. Every prophet had come on earth, would created conflict in society. If Allah want to peace on earth,it will be easy for Allah to do that, but Allah want to see those who obey Allah orders and who does not.

    As long as Allah lets Evil to mislead people on earth, there is no peace, evil create conflict and kill each other. Allah has given Evil to mislead people.

    Allah forbid Muslim to believe in men, idol or cleric as Allah warned;

    Most of Muslim around the world believe in his idol, not only Allah alone (Al Quran).

    Was Salam–With love

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