Ask a Question and Get Free Henna

Source: Meridian

Lloydminster resident Cheryl Ross receives a free henna tattoo from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Organization Women Auxiliary of Lloydminster, who hosted an ask a question get a free hana event at the Lloyd Mall on Thursday, March 31. The event was a way for the group to engage the community in conversation and strip the stereotypes around their religious beliefs. Taylor Hermiston/Lloydminster Meridian Booster/Postmedia Network.

LLOYDMINSTER, Alta. – The Ahmadiya Muslim Women’s Auxiliary of Lloydminster hosted an Ask a Question and Get Free Henna event at the Lloyd Mall on Friday, April 1, in order to continue dialogue with Border City residents.

President Rizwana Ahmad said the event was a friendly step towards opening dialogues between people and them.

On Friday, people were welcome to approach them to ask any question and then receive a henna tattoo.

“Ahmadiya Muslim Women’s Auxiliary Lloydminster has been taking such initiatives in the past like Je Suis Hijabi campaign

in December 2015, or symposiums where people of different thoughts express their views and explore similarities,” she said, and went on to say each event acquire to be peaceful and genuine.



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  1. Wah what an idea. In Croatia it id being from last two year on the eve of International Women Christmas bazaar by Ahmadiyya ladies.

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