Is Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law licence to kill? Activist Jibran gives the answer: Fiji Sun TV

FREMONT, CA – Speaking to American Pakistanis at a Sunday luncheon meeting hosted by TALK4PAK group at Mehran Restaurant yesterday, social activist dissented from the common belief and cited examples of life of the Holy Prophet to argue that there is no punishment for death for Taheene Risalat – insulting the Holy Prophet.

This is the very point we Ahmadi Muslims have been making from day one. The Peshawar killing of innocent students sen shock waves to all and gave all Pakistanis a wake up call.
Take a listen and forward the post to all your friends family please.

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  1. At this over 200 strong luncheon meeting of American Pakistanis of Bay Area, I raised the question of removing the draconian Blasphemy Law. There was a great applause to what I said. However, Jibran maintained that social change is the more appropriate anwer.

    American Ahmad Muslims must get involved in the mainstream American political process and the media campaign. Also, they must not associate themselves with the mainstream Muslims instead seek opportunities to reach out them.

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