Don’t blame Snowden for the ISIS fiasco


It was only a matter of time before an American official would use the ISIS stick against the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Whether Snowden had leaked on U.S. surveillance capacities or not, ISIS would certainly have assumed that such capacities existed, and adapted accordingly.

What Rogers and Inglis avoided saying was whether the Obama administration had properly judged the ISIS danger.

It was the disastrous policies of the Obama administration that, partly, allowed ISIS to thrive. It was never about the United States sending troops to Syria, as Obama falsely depicted his options in Syria. ISIS grew because the U.S. failed to properly evaluate a conflict that had spun out of control. So when Rogers blames Snowden for crippling the NSA’s ability to generate insights on ISIS, he’s uttering nonsense.

The United States has spent the last decade developing a huge and invasive infrastructure to fight terrorism, but all ISIS has done is to show the profound limitations of the American efforts.

The NSA’s appetite for money is insatiable, so one expects it to target Snowden.

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