Barbaric killing of Coptic Christians by ISIS & Charter of Freedom to St. Catherine’s Monastery by Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan condemns the barbaric killing of Coptic Christians by ISIS.

Mr Anees Ahmad Nadeem, the National President & Missionary Incharge Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan said:
“The barbaric killing of innocent Coptic Christians by ISIS is a horrific act of evil. Islam advocates love, respect and peace and this abhorrent killing again exposes that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam or any religion.”

Anees Ahmad Nadeem, the National President & Missionary Incharge Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan

Anees Ahmad Nadeem, the National President & Missionary Incharge Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan

He further said:
“Our Lord Allah Almighty is the Gracious and the Merciful ,He is source of peace.A person who obey him can not be a terrorist & extremist.”

The Charter of Freedom by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a very kind to humanity. He was a man of peace. He taught us peace & extremists are wrong to call themselves Muslims because their acts are totally against the peaceful teaching of the founder of Islam. Our beloved prophet (pbuh) set a very high standards of tolerance and respect for other religions.

The Charter of Freedom which he granted to St. Catherine’s Monastery in Mount Sinai in 628, the 6th year of Hegira, is, perhaps, the best illustration the Holy Prophet’s desire for inter-religious peace. This monumental document is unprecedented in the history of mankind. It states:

“This is the document which Muhammad, the son of Abdullah, God’s Prophet, Warner and Bearer of glad tidings has caused to be written so that there should remain no excuse for those coming after. I have caused this document to be written for the Christians of the East and West, for those who live near, and for those of the distant lands, for the Christians living at present and for those who will come after, for those Christians who are known to us and for those as well whom we do not know. Any Muslim violating or distorting what has been ordained will be considered to be violating God’s Covenant and will be transgressing against His Promise and by doing so, will incur God’s wrath, be he a monarch or an ordinary subject. I promise that any monk or wayfarer who will seek my help on the mountains, in forests, deserts or habitations, or places of worship, I will repel his enemies with my friends and helpers, with all my relatives and with all those who profess to follow me and will defend them, because they are my covenant. And I will defend the covenanted against the persecution, injury and embarrassment of their enemies in lieu of the poll tax they have promised to pay. If they prefer to defend their properties and persons themselves, they will be allowed to do so and will not be put to any inconvenience on that account.

No bishop will be expelled from his bishopric, no monk from his monastery, no priest from his place of worship, and no pilgrim will be detained in his pilgrimage. None of their churches or other places of worship will be desolated or destroyed or demolished. No material of their churches will be used to build mosques or houses for the Muslims; any Muslim doing so will be regarded as recalcitrant to God and His Prophet. Monks and Bishops will be subject to no poll tax or indemnity whether they live in forests or on rivers, in the East or in the West, in the North or in the South. I give them my word of honour. They are on my promise and covenant and will enjoy perfect immunity from all sorts of inconveniences. Every help shall be given to them in the repair of their churches. They shall be absolved of wearing arms. They shall be protected by the Muslims. Let this document not be disobeyed till Judgement Day.” (Signed: Muhammad, the Messenger of God. ([Letters of the Messenger])

Our thoughts & Prayers are with our Christian fellows. May God provide solace and strength to the bereaved and to his loved ones. Aamin

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The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan is one of the oldest Muslim communites in Japan,started its missionary activities in Japan since 1935 .Ahmadi Muslims are well known for their humanitarian actvities after Hanshin Awajidai Shinsai(Kobe earthquake) & Higashi Nihon Daishinsai .
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