Muslim population has almost doubled in England and Wales since 2001 – but nearly half live in the most deprived areas

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Over 70% of Muslims state their nationality is British and only 6% struggle with English

Source: Independent

The Muslim population in the UK has nearly doubled across England and Wales since 2001 to 2.71 million, but almost half live in the most deprived local authorities. 

Analysis of the 2011 census by the Muslim Council of Britain shows a “frank snapshot” of the state of British Muslim life, Dr Sundas Ali, an analyst for the report, said.

In 2001, 1.55 million Muslims lived in England and Wales, which grew to 2.71 million in 2011, with a further 77,000 Muslims living in Scotland and 3,800 in Ireland.

Though the 2011 data showed that only one in 20 of the UK’s overall population is Muslim, 46 per cent of the Muslim population lives in the 10 per cent most deprived local authority districts in England.

Despite more than half of the UK’s Muslim population having been born abroad, 73 per cent state that their only national identity is British, and only six per cent of the whole British Muslim population were found to be struggling with speaking English.

There is a higher than national average of young Muslim people in England and Wales, with 33 per cent under the age of 15, while Muslim children represented one in 12 of all school age children in 2011.

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