Is there a difference between a religion and a cult?

The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s comments

No matter where we are in our journey in our search of the Truth, this video can give us a chance or food for thought to examine our state of belief or mind!

Are we more focused on the principles and search for the Truth or following a charismatic or inherited leader, regardless of other details?

Is our compassion for humanity truly universal or limited to our core group?

Are we more focused on what are we doing for the greater good or more obsessed with our smaller group?

I assume your group does not demand perfection in deeds for salvation but does it require perfection in its set of beliefs for salvation?

Are the final arbiters the ever lasting principles, even though administered by judges, like supreme court judges in US, or only the group leader or leaders and the governing principles have not been clearly articulated generation after generation, or very broadly defined as the whole of the Bible or the whole of the Quran, which is like not defining them?

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  1. Religion should be able to stand to external scrutiny based on yard sticks of science, logic and rationality.

    Additionally religious organizations should give their followers all rights that the country and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights offer. If a religion cannot be kind to their own what it may do to others?

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