David Cameron defends letter to Islamic leaders: Extremist terror has nothing to do with the true Islam

David Cameron has defended a letter urging senior Muslims to explain how Islam “can be part of British identity”, amid criticism from leaders.

Source: bbc.com


The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) criticised some aspects of the letter, including the “implication that extremism takes place at mosques”.

Mr Cameron said the letter, written by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, was “reasonable, sensible and moderate”

The letter was sent to 1,000 Muslim leaders after the attacks in Paris.

The prime minister said Mr Pickles was “absolutely right” to write the letter urging leaders to do more to tackle extremism.

“Anyone who reads this letter – and I’ve read the letter – will see that what he is saying is that British Muslims make a great contribution to our country, that what is happening in terms of extremist terror has nothing to do with the true religion of Islam,” he said.

“It’s being perverted by a minority who have been radicalised.”

‘Proud of your country’

In the letter, Mr Pickles stressed he was “proud” of the way Muslims in Britain had responded to the Paris terror attacks but added that there was “more work to do”.

He wrote: “You, as faith leaders, are in a unique position in our society. You have a precious opportunity, and an important responsibility, in explaining and demonstrating how faith in Islam can be part of British identity…. read more at bbc.com




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  1. Mr.Cameron has supported the letter written by Eric Pickles sent to 1000 religious leaders around the UK and has urged them “to do more”, a familiar phrase which US leadership has been using when talking to Pakistan about fighting Taliban’s terrorism. The fact that this “phrase” indirectly conveys to the Muslims and the rest, that containing this phenomenon of “radicalization” is Muslim’s responsibility, without highlighting the fact that this “radicalization” was the “weapon” which was created by the “Western Democracies” to contain and defeat the USSR.

    I am particularly interested in what steps the “Western” Democracies are taking to defuse “The Clash of Civilization”. The following sentence in the above letter by Eric Pickles, MP, Secretary of State and Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon and which David Cameroon endorses and supports speak for itself:

    “And yet amid the carnage, came a sign of hope- over three million people of all backgrounds, marching to defeat the gunmen and to protect OUR values: Free speech, the rule of law, and democracy”.

    What this implies is that 3 million will march to defeat the “REACTION” – the “attack” on “Charlie Habdo”. There is no mention of the “ACTION” -which represented a perception of “Free Speech” with “no limits”.

    How many of supporters of “free speech” will march in the streets of Paris or London to condemn the “provocation” in the name of “free speech” and which leads to disturbing peace in society. Is it not the responsibility of a democratic government that maintaining peace in society requires certain limits and laws, even for the media?

    The above letter by using the words “OUR values: free speech etc” has asked the Muslim citizens of UK to endorse the “provocation” as “their” value as well, even if they don’t approve of it. And if any of the Muslim citizen walks up to Hyde Park, to object to this letter and its contents, he or she would be singled out as a future “radical” with dire consequences.

    My advice to David Cameroon is that his government should take the lead and “do more” to diffuse this “Clash of Civilization” by taking into account the “CAUSE” and taking steps to contain that as well.

    Munir Varraich

  2. The ‘CAUSE’ is always intolerance. No muhammadan will remain in the West were their hosts prone to violent reactions each time they felt insulted.
    Western values have and will never retreat from the basic rights of man one of which is freedom of expression.
    How about marchers being led by mullahs carrying placards which say ‘ISLAM WILL CONQUER/SUBDUE THE WORLD’, ‘THIS COUNTRY BELONGS TO ISLAM’, and other such provocative slogans right inside Western towns?

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