Day: January 22, 2015

Should Freedom of Expression Have Limits?

Source: Huffington Post By Farooq Aftab, Spokesperson Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Worldwide & AMYA UK, Lawyer, Human Rights Advocate, News Commentator, Writer & Public Speaker/Trainer on Islam In light of the recent attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the debate on freedom of expression has once again come to the fore. It is claimed that […]

ECB unveils big new stimulus program

DAVOS, Switzerland (CNNMoney) The European Central Bank has taken a dramatic step to stimulate the region’s troubled economy, unveiling a massive bond buying program worth at least $1.3 trillion. President Mario Draghi said the ECB program would cover public and private sector securities including — for the first time — […]

A double standard

Source: | Maqsood Ahmad I’ve been watching the news about the Paris attacks and their responses. Someone rightly said that if you respond to ignorance with ignorance it will only cause more ignorance. The problem is twofold. Some of the Muslims’ reaction to “blasphemy” is completely un-Islamic, while insulting/mocking is being carried […]

Russia’s Plans for Arctic Supremacy

Source: Stratfor: Russia’s traditional view of the outside world is colored by a deep sense of insecurity and paranoia. This is best exemplified by the events in Ukraine, where the Kremlin acted to preserve its traditional geographic bulwark against the West. This pattern of protectionism is also apparent in Moscow’s […]