Muslim Americans believe in ‘our (American) values’

Source: | Sinaan Younus, Perry Hall

As an American Muslim, I was surprised and angered by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s recent comment: “…you’ve got people who want to come to our country but not adopt our values.” I think he confused American values like freedom, justice and individualism with American culture like names, sports and language. I am surprised he doesn’t know that Islam promotes these same values.

I am angered that he doubts my American identity. I enjoy waking up to football on Sundays, even if my Ravens aren’t playing. I speak English without an accent and attend 8th grade at Perry Hall Middle School, a diverse public school. But I still go by “Sinaan” instead of “Simon,” play cricket when I like and speak Urdu occasionally.

Each year, my Ahmadiyya Muslim community participates in 4th of July parades nationwide while campaigning under the slogan of “Muslims for Loyalty.”

Governor Jindal should know that Muslim Americans are well assimilated.

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