Day: January 15, 2015

For Whom the Muezzin Calls

The Atlantic: by David A. Graham — Duke University announced it would broadcast the Muslim call to prayer from its iconic chapel, then backed down after threats of violence. When I was working on the student paper at Duke, we’d get a letter to the editor once a year or so […]

Malian hero in Paris supermarket attack to be given French citizenship

Source: Lassana Bathily, the Malian Muslim employee who helped save the lives of several customers during last week’s deadly attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris, will be awarded French nationality, France’s Interior Bernard Cazeneuve announced Thursday. More……

Shifting paradigms

Source: ET General Raheel Sharif is a very busy man. In particular, he is seen as advancing parts of the National Action Plan (NAP) that sit in his bailiwick. Currently, he is in London for three days and he is meeting people who make things happen. On his first day […]

Muslims in the news only when they’re behind the gun The story of the police officer killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack is no longer in the headlines – why?

by Khaled A Beydoun Khaled A Beydoun is an Assistant Professor of Law at the Barry University Dwayne O Andreas School of Law. He is a native of Detroit. French Islamophobia stands to become far more severe and strident, writes Beydoun [Reuters] Ahmed Merabat was the first of the 12 […]