Day: January 18, 2015

PREVENTATIVE MEASURES : Asylum applications reviewed for terror ties

The Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) is reviewing asylum applications as a measure to prevent potential terrorists from entering Switzerland, checking into applicants‘ backgrounds for signs of jihadist activities. “Asylum applications from people from certain countries are sent to the FIS for review,” Martin Reichlin, spokesperson for the Federal Migration Office, […]

With so many people tweeting before they think, the telegraph can teach us some valuable lessons. – A telegraph cable transmitted information at only eight words a minute, which helped avoid the sort of mindless communication we see so much today

BY ROBERT FISK, THE INDEPENDENT After listening to my take on the Middle East – and my usual rant about the internet – the pupils of St Brendan’s College in Killarney in Ireland have given me a most appropriate gift: a three-and-a-half-inch chunk of the telegraph cable that Isambard Kingdom […]

Inequality is threatening to tear our democracy apart, yet the Government is only encouraging it – The rich think they can play by their own rules, and I hate it

YASMIN ALIBHAI BROWN THE INDEPENDENT Sunday 18 January 2015 In the Eighties I wrote articles on ghastly yuppies, effervescing with expensive champagne and inflated egos. One of them poured his bubbly over my blouse when I tried to interview him. How they all laughed. In the Nineties I met incredibly […]

Listen to the ladies and don’t be so macho “There is only a small representation of females here, too little,” he said, bringing laughter from the crowd. “Women have much to tell us in today’s society. At times we men are too ‘machista’,” he said, using the Spanish term for male chauvinists. “(We) don’t allow room for women […]