Ghana: President John Mahama praises the Ahmadiyya Mission in Ghana


President John Mahama has praised the Ahmadiyya Mission in Ghana for its role in maintaining peace in the country.


He showered the plaudits on the mission when a two man delegation called on him to formally introduce the newly appointed Ameer and Missionary incharge of the mission in the country, Maulvi Bin Salih.
The occasion was also used to formally invite the president to the official opening of the 83rd National Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana, which will take place at the Baghe Ahmad, the Mission’s farm at Pomadze near Winneba junction in the Central Region on 8, 9 and 10 Jan- uary, 2015.

President Mahama praised the late Ameer, Dr. A. Wahab Adam, describing him as “a very good man, pure of heart and very friendly to everyone.”

He expressed the conviction that the new Ameer would definitely fit into the shoes of the deceased and would be able to continue with his good works and even move the mission into a higher level.

President Mahama described the mission as a well disciplined Islamic organization which adheres faithfully to the teachings of the faith.
He was happy to learn that the Supreme Head of the Mission, Hadrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifat- ul-Masih V, did serve here in Ghana and that during his tenure a successful experiment on commercial cultivation of wheat was undertaken in Depali village near Tamale in the Northern Region.

The president appealed to the leadership of the mission to make available a copy of the study to him to study for a possible implementation by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The newly appointed Ameer assured the president of the mission’s unrelenting role as a partner in the development of the country.
Source: Daily Guide Ghana.

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