Pakistan: Mullah-Police anti-Ahmadiyya nexus continues in Rabwah



Protests in Rabwah, Pakistan

The ink on Ahmadi murder victim Luqman Shehzad’s temporary tombstone in Rabwah hadn’t fully dried yet when this past weekend multiple groups of outsiders, facilitated by the Punjab Police, descended here from various areas of the Punjab to stage more hate rallies against the beleaguered Ahmadiyya community.

Just last week, Rabwah, an Ahmadi majority town in the Punjab province, was the scene of an emotional funeral when the body of Luqman Shehzad, an Ahmadi murdered in a Gujranwala suburb due to his faith, was brought in for a late evening burial.

Luqman Shehzad was murdered after a national television personality, Aamir Liaquat Hussain, hailed the call of several clerics on his Geo TV program labeling Ahmadis ‘enemies of Muslims and Pakistan,’ followed by a cleric from an anti-Ahmadi outfit, Majlis Tahaffuz Khatima-e Nubuwwat (MTKN) in Shehzad’s hometown, incited an emotionally charged group to learn suicide attacks and kill Ahmadis for blasphemy… read more at

In other developments, Ahmadis have been receiving written threats of violence and bodily harm on a letter-pad purportedly from a faction of the MTKN, in various parts of the country. The group is demanding, as a ‘last warning’, that Ahmadis stop all their worship activities in their areas or be prepared for the consequences.

Left: Letter of warning demanding removal of Ahamdi from press club---Right: Letters of threats set to Ahmadis

Left: Letter of warning demanding removal of Ahamdi from press club—Right: Letters of threats set to Ahmadis

“The is the last warning for you from us, or else….,” the warning letters have declared in a bold typeface.

In Badin, a town in the Sindh province of Pakistan, the president of the local press club has been threatened on account of

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