Enfant de la Patrie

Source: The Economist:

Believed to be Maxime Hauchard (at right), the French jihadi executioner

HE IS French, 22 years old, and comes from a quiet rural village in Normandy. He is also, the French government suspects, one of the executioners in a video released by Islamic State (IS) on November 16th which shows the beheading of 14 Syrian soldiers and Peter Kassig, an American aid worker. France has been well aware for some time of the problem of home-grown jihadist recruits. But the revelation that one of them seems to have taken part in beheadings is of an altogether different order of concern.

Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, tentatively identified the young man (pictured, at right) as Maxime Hauchard, from the Norman hamlet of Bosc-Roger-en-Roumois. Stunned neighbours described a quiet boy not known to be a troublemaker. Mr Hauchard converted to Islam at the age of 17, according to French news reports, having become radicalised through the internet and social media.


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  1. Why this trend is increasing few reasons could be as under:

    Advanced countries tend to create hypocritical policies in order to solve World problems. They try solutions to benefit themselves rather than the concerned countries. Millions of dollars were spent to cure Ebola patients who belonged to western civilized countries while the poor Africans were left to die in agony on the streets. Lately US President/UK PM opined to take some measures against this calamity. To avenge the death of few Israelis thousands of Palestinians including small children are killed. Countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya were ill-treated by western powers and sent back to Stone Age. Killing of few westerners by ISIL prompted formulation of grand collation while hundreds of Iraqi soldiers got slaughtered, buried in mass graves never attracted the attention of powerful countries. The well-educated Muslim youngsters of these developed countries see these sorts of mistreatment happen and decide out of spite to join jihadi groups who apparently claim to stop this ill treatment at global level.
    Unfortunately large number of so called Islamic Scholars spread the wrong interpretation of Islamic teachings in order to succeed in reaching their goals. They use and explain the Holy Quran and Hadith exactly fitting to their ill-conceived aims and purposes thus brainwashing the minds of youngsters by pointing out that they will be rewarded paradise by obeying them. There lies a hidden potential in Islam that people follow their religious leaders once their passion is aroused. Though this is a positive aspect of Islam, but unfortunately it is used for the wrong purposes by many religious scholars. There are groups in Islam who know about these sort of wrongdoings but unfortunately they fail in warning the world about it because of their small number and the lack of support from the social media. Intentional boycott of Islamic teachings presented by Ahmadiyya Jamaat is an outstanding example for this injustice. Its principle teaching is love and peace but it is being ignored by big media giants all over whereas all sorts of hate messages by Muslim scholars are shown worldwide. Those who control social media have to stop this injustice. They must show the beauty of Islam also thus enabling the Muslim youngsters to evaluate both the sides.
    According to reports in France 1000, in UK 500 young Muslims have joined the Jihad group and in Germany the number is 378. Probably150 of those have died. The youngest member is 15 and the majority is between 21 and 25. Amongst this number almost 70 per cent have born in France,UK and Germany respectively and received proper academic education. It is reported that 90 percent of those youngsters are males the others are females. Most of them skipped an occupation and joined those jihad groups. According to secret agencies of these countries it has been proven that these young people suffered discrimination in all areas of life like society, academies and jobs. They were also victims of racism and native hate. They were unrestful in their minds and for any Jihadi group it was an easy game to convince them.
    Parents and religious organizations play a major part in the grooming and upbringing of Muslim youngsters. Activities of such kind by religious institutions and supervision by parents can lead to success. Unfortunately most western countries don’t offer or support such activities
    So instead complaining the ongoing behaviour of these youth efforts be made to recognize the reasons and steps be taken to eradicate the global and social injustices.

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