Second Quran and Science Symposium Today, 10 AM EST


Blessed is He (Allah) in Whose hand is the kingdom, and He has power over all things; … Who has created seven heavens in harmony. No incongruity canst thou see in the creation of the Gracious God. Then look again: Seest thou any flaw? Aye, look again, and yet again, thy sight will only return unto thee confused and fatigued.  (Al Quran 67:2-5)

Quran and science II 

5 reasons to attend the Quran and Science Symposium

  5 reasons to attend the Quran and Science Symposium, on Sat Nov 15th, 2014, at Bait-ur-Rehman Mosque, Silver Spring, Maryland It’s about the Quran, to advance Science. Exciting discussions and…

Ten Raised to Five Hundred Reasons for Our Gracious God

Epigraph: And He (Allah) gave you all that you wanted of Him; and if you try to count the favors of Allah, you will not be able to number them. Indeed, man…

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences

This is the title of a very famous article in mathematics by Eugene Wigner. The article and its title reminds me of the verses of the Holy Quran that Dr.…

A challenge for Dawkins: Where did carbon come from?

Epigraph: Whatever is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Allah; and He is the Mighty, the Wise. (Al Quran 57:2) Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor…


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  1. MashaAllah ! It is an amazing opportunity to see the links Quran and Science. Last year was inaugural year and it initiated great interest of many people.
    There was also another Quran and Science conference held in Canada (Tahir Hall,April 12, 2014). That was also a great event with many insights. At that occasion, some innovative ideas were shared, and perhaps it is perfect time, if we can bring those ideas to the attention of participants now, so that some further steps can be viewed for thinking of implementation. Some of those ideas included:
    – Starting ICSTE (International Centre for Science and Technology Education), including children, scholars from all over the world and various languages.
    – Starting research journals for children with simple language and pictures.
    And in this regards a verse of the Holy Quran was presented which is so powerful:
    He has made the two bodies of water flow. They will one day meet (55:20).
    The links made to the way inventions are made with the combination of various fields was great insights.
    As Hazoor has guided and prayed in his message last year, we all pray for the success. May Allah help us.

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