Ahmad: The True Caliphate

By SHEILA AHMAD For the Stafford County Sun | 0 comments

At the end of last month, I renewed my pledge of allegiance to the Khalifa of Islam (Caliph). There are millions around the globe who have taken this pledge and revive it every year along with hundreds of thousands who are making the pledge for the first time in their life.

But what does this pledge require? It requires you to promise to keep away from falsehood, cruelty, dishonesty, mischief and rebellion. It requires that you will not be carried away by passions, however strong they might be. It requires that under the impulse of any passions, you will cause no harm whatsoever to the creatures of God, neither by tongue nor by hands nor by any other means. It requires to entirely give-up pride and vanity and promise to pass all life in humbleness, cheerfulness and forbearance. It requires to be occupied in the service of God’s creatures for His sake only and to endeavor to benefit mankind to the best of God-given abilities. The list goes on.

Now we come to the next logical question: What is ISIS about and what is the Islamic concept of Caliphate?

The Quran says:  “God has promised to those among you who believe and do good works that He will surely make them Successors in the earth, as He made Successors from among those who were before them” [24:56]. 

This is a very unfortunate reality that ISIS is practicing murder, cruelty and injustice, whereas the verse quoted above mentions “good deeds” as a precondition to caliphate. Nobody can equate injustice with “good deeds.”


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  1. Thanks to Sheila Ahmad for this post. Pledge is an important step in spiritual guidance. It is similar to baptism in Christianity. Allah had ordered the promised Messiah to make an arc, i.e. to make a community of religious persons.
    In that way, Jama’at Ahmadiyah Muslimah is the only community which is created by the command or will of Allah.
    The pledge has 10 conditions which are important for mankind. There is nothing political in those 10 conditions. It is recommended that when ever going for a debate with any one or going on any TV talk show, the paper with conditions of Bay’at should be kept in hand. And may be presented to the Anchor person of the show.
    Translated copies of the form should be circulated in different languages to show that there is nothing harmful or un-Islamic in Ahmadiyah beliefs.
    Sheila Ahmad has explained various points of the pledge of Bay’at. Allah had promised the Muslim Ummah that believers doing good deeds will be established in the land. Good deeds have to be peaceful and helpful to mankind. The words in Arabic for good deeds means befitting deeds, excellent deeds, not harmful deeds.
    Such a Khilafat (Caliphate) is called Khilafat e Raashidah, the pious, well guided Caliphate. The Khalifah sahib is elected, selected and guided by Allah.

  2. Mr. Bender: From the part of comment that I have deleted it is quite clear that you have had quite inadequate upbringing in observing the right manners and respect for others. I have edited this comment and this is a warning to you to observe the best self control you have over your tendencies if you wish to continue commenting. If you write filth again you will be blocked from making any comments. thanks

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