Muslims and Democracy There has been a general mindset of Muslims in the Subcontinent that western powers treat them cruelly all over the world and consider themselves as the most oppressed nation in the today’s world.
At the same time, they also claim to be the most intelligent and god-gifted nation in the world, believing the western powers continue hatching conspiracies against Muslims.
On the other hand, there will hardly be any serious thinker in the Muslim world who can analyze the prevailing backwardness of the Ummah and its hate attitude towards the west. If anybody such as Khaled Ahmad or Hussain Haqqani did some rational analysis, so-called intellectuals refuse to accept it and instead dubbed them as western planted people who are speaking western language as part of conspiracy against Muslims.
While western countries which the Muslims believe are non-Muslims, are making great strides, exploring the fields of science and technology and making new advancements while achieving new milestones. Similarly, the Muslims enjoy western technology as well as social benefits of their societies which can be gauged from the fact that majority of the youth belonging to third world countries (including Muslims) today want to settle to western country by using all fair or unfair means.
At the time of crises, Muslim countries seek monetary as well as moral support from western countries. In UNO, Pakistan’s permanent representative has appealed to International community to help Pakistan generously as it is facing human crisis due to the on-going military operation, Zarb-e-Azb, against Taliban in North-Waziristan which has resulted in the displacement of a large number of IDPs. According to officials, more than 1.2 million people of North Waziristan have been registered as IDPs so far. In the hot and humid weather, the most affected and vulnerable section is the women and children.
Six years back, people of Swat had faced the same ordeal. Rulers are playing hazardous game with its citizens in the name of religion.

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