They Ride Bikes to Spread Peace: An Innovative Idea by Ahmadiyya Muslim Germany

By Zubair Khan
During the current year,utilising the name of Islam, so called ISIS and BO KO Ha ram, hoisting the flags with writing, there is no God except Allah and Muhammad (saw) is His Messenger, committed extremely brutal atrocities against humanity and crossed all the limits recorded in recent history. The acts of ISIS/BO KO Ha ram have brought an irreparable damage to the beautiful and peace loving religion Islam. Through brutal acts of ISIS/BO KO Ha ram, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, extensively committed to present the beautiful and peaceful face of Islam, felt the main punch to its peace efforts. However in spite of all heavy odds, under the spiritual guidance of its supreme head, Ahmadiyya Community striving hard to remove the negative effects created by un-Islamic activities of ISIS/BO KO Ha ram and other extreme Muslims
As it happens all over the globe, members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany are famous to utilise propping up chances to promote peace. Under the dynamic personality of its energetic national leader, community keeps on seeking for such possibilities.
Each year few adventurous minded members cycle the distance to UK annual gathering venue. Since current year brought the biggest black stigma and caused irreparable damage to the beautiful and peace loving religion Islam as such for 2014 they are riding the bikes to spread the Islamic real message of peace which might facilitate some damage control already caused by non Islamic acts of ISIS and BO KO Ha Ram.

German Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Group includes:

1. Mr Abdullah Wagishauser, who in his sixties still defeat those in thirties. Proof is those in thirties will cruse the distance in 5 days while he will in 2 days.
2. Tariq Karim Arif, under the shadow of Mr Abdullah Wagishauser always shows energies as of those still in twenties though actually he has not?
3. Mirza Luqman.
4. Mujib Ata.
5. Asif Sadiq
6. Hasnen Ahmad Ghuman.
7. Qasim Unger. Who always makes me the things Klar (clear) with his two hands.
8.Farhan Bajwa OG (Fahrer)

Ride to start in Aachen on Sunday at 10:30. Two UK riders will come with train till Dover to receive the group and then will ride the bikes until final venue of UK Jalsa.

MT readers will be updated with the progress of bike ride for peace. All are humbly requested to remember the group in special prayers. Below is the first picture of members belonging Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany Peace Group.

peace group photo

2 replies

  1. Extra ordinary activities of Ahmadiyya Muslims to prove and show the real spirit of Islam. It also proves the golden proverb “Handsome is that who handsome does”. Keep it up. Dr. Khan

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