Day: August 18, 2014

America’s Longest Running Muslim Convention Draws Prominent Lawmakers, Diplomats

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community heralded as antidote to extremism PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release:  August 18, 2014 Civic, political and religious leaders lauded the efforts of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA during its 66thAnnual Convention this past weekend in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  More than 7,000 people attended the oldest and longest lasting Muslim […]

Is the World Falling Apart? by Thomas Carothers, Lina Khatib, Marwan Muasher, Douglas H. Paal, Andrew S Weiss — The world can be an awfully dangerous and unpredictable place. As news was breaking that the United States initiated airstrikes against militants in Iraq, fears were mounting about the Russian troops amassed near the border […]

Is There a Crisis in Pakistan?

The Diplomat: by Hamza Mannan — Pakistan’s last election brought Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to power with a sweeping mandate. That was supposed to consolidate the democratic process for the country. This was the first time one civilian government had passed power onto another democratically elected government. The oft-repeated claim […]

Creating a new Medina?

If the demand for Pakistan was firm and etched in stone, acceptance of the Cabinet Mission Plan indicated a clear and equally irrevocable departure from it Last week, The Hindu carried an excerpt from a book by Assistant Professor Venkat Dhulipala of a US university provocatively titled Creating a New […]

How Germany Spies on Its Friends

Source: Spiegel. For more than a year now, German officials have criticized the US for the NSA’s mass spying on Europeans and even Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now, embarrassing revelations show that Germany has inadvertently spied on Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, and has also deliberately targeted Turkey. More:

My hijab is my fashion statement

My hijab is my fashion statement Dina Zayed has found creative ways to standout fashion-wise while honouring her religious beliefs Toronto Stat   2014/08/18 Ahmed Hamed Dina Zayed always matches her headscarf to her outfit. By: Dina Zayed Special to the Star, Published on Mon Aug 18 2014 At all the […]