Day: August 1, 2014

9eme Marche de Charité organisée par la djamaa’’te Musulmane Ahmadiyya le Dimanche 25 Mai 2014

  Le sadr Ansarullah, Amine Jowahir donnant des directives pour que la marche de la Municipalité de Quatre Bornes jusqu’à celle de Rose-Hill soit faite dans la discipline. Présents sur la photo, Mubarak Kaudeer, Nasseem Taujoo Sadr Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ameer Saheb, Mr D.Bemadoo maire de Quatre Bornes, Fouad Lallbeeharry sadr de […]

A Muslim Reflection on Global Crisis

Source: The Huffington Post By Amaar Ahmad, Ph.D Electrical Engineering, Virgina Tech In this day and age, fortunately we also hear voices of reason that invite all nations towards peace. His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, has been inviting world leaders to resolve conflicts through dialogue. […]

The US is not neutral

Summary Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Thursday that he would not pull troops out of Gaza until Hamas’ tunnel network was completely destroyed, despite growing international calls for a cease-fire, and announced the call-up of 16,000 more army reservists. On a day when 16 Palestinians were killed in a […]

Why are the Arabs deaf to Gazan pleas?

In recent weeks, we have once again been seeing the images of destruc, death, smoke and fire with Palestinian residents of Gaza wandering about in the ruins of what once was their neighborhood. “Where are the Arabs?” they have asked the television cameras, aiming with two words in Arabic the […]