Is It Time to Separate Islam From the Muslim World?

Source: Huff Post

Amidst the ongoing violence in the region, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia prodded Muslims “to stand in the face of those trying to hijack Islam,” alluding to the advance of the extremist group, the Islamic State (IS/ISIS). A debate on Islam, however, is exactly what the Muslim world does not need. In fact, it is the exact space to which the most extreme among Muslims want to take the discussion: to converse in verse, trade in texts, and cite and incite. The rise of the latest round of millenarian misfits should instead prod us to deal with a necessary but paradoxical reality: the separation of Islam from the Muslim world.

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  1. Your read more link not working. Please fix it.
    It reminds me time fast approaching when Islam will be attached and recognized only through Ahmadiyya.

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