Day: August 4, 2014

Tenu Kaafir Kaafir Aakhday

The Nation: Let me start with a profound apology for covering, what many might deem an “unimportant” issue this week. With all my sympathies with the innocent children and civilians being killed on the pretext of targeting terrorists, I for one, could not help thinking about a ‘minor’ incident that […]

White flags for them, green for us

ET: Even after deliberating for 60 years, the jury’s still out on Muhammad Munir. Pakistan’s second chief justice was a symptom of the times he lived in: brilliant but tragic, visionary but weak. He cared nothing for the rule of law; he cared for nothing but the rule of law. […]

My daughter and Kainat

Dawn: It was one of those hazel sort of days that you sometimes get in Pakistan, in which a pleasant chill permeates the shining bright rays of the sun. The sky was as azure as the sea and the trees never looked so verdant. Summer was just around the corner, […]