Debate: Did Jesus Rise?

The Great Resurrection Debate – William Lane Craig vs. John Shelby Spong

If we listen to both speakers with respect and due diligence, we will find that resuscitation of Jesus, as understood by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, is a more likely explanation of what the disciples experienced, rather than a resurrection.

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14 replies

  1. It means there was no Trinity during the time that Jesus was dead on the cross till the time he had RISEN in tomb(??) That is supposedly getting up from the lying down position. There were only two gods working at that time??

  2. Jesus Rose from the dead and appeared to His apostles before ascending into heaven. The Holy Spirit appeared like flames on the heads of the apostles at Pentecost. They were then bold enough to go out and proclaim Jesus is risen and many were converted and believed. Some apostles died for their efforts but that didn’t stop the spread of Christianity.

    Today the message is clear and the same John 3.16 God so loved the world that He sent His only beloved son Jesus Christ to walk among and teach us that He came not to condemn but to save it. Who believes will have eternal life with God in heaven.

    Do you choose eternal life ?

  3. Zia Shah at it again huh? Don’t you get tired of this? Jesus ROSE FROM THE DEAD is a fact and there were more than 500 who saw Him. Your “resuscitation of Jesus, as understood by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, is a more likely explanation of what the disciples experienced, rather than a resurrection.” is nothing more than a distortion, an attempt to sully something that has been believed as a fact for over 2000 years.
    Who are these William Lane Craig vs. John Shelby Spong? Seem they are just trying to get their 1 hour 45 minutes and 41 seconds of fame.

  4. Zia Shah your very inane first comment of this so called “debate” – How could God raise Jesus from the dead, when one third of him was LYING DEAD in the tomb? is a CONTRADICTION …

  5. Of course it is a contradiction in terms. God according to Trinitarian Christian understanding is three persons in one being.

    God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

    If Jesus was lying dead, God was incomplete and perhaps could not function fully. If God could still function fully, perhaps there was no need of Jesus in the Godhead in the first place.

    You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

  6. Zia Shah, how many times have you been told that Christ had two characteristics true Man & true God (Shown in the Gospels many a time i.e. IF YOU WISH TO BELIEVE, but if you will believe what has been drilled into you since birth and the numberless skeptics which are found a dime a dozen, but who cannot prove anything for all their finite efforts at trying to UNDERSTAND THE INFINITE then it is just water under the bridge).

    Just as our PHYSICAL BODIES will someday die, so did His. But as Jesus died physically, He remained alive spiritually. Jesus made good on His promise to the believing thief on the cross—He and the thief both went to paradise, not physically, but in spirit (Luke 23:43).
    The man Christ died on the cross AND God left the body He TEMPORARILY inhabited on Earth, but His divine nature did not die, NOR COULD IT.

    I am not having cake Zia Shah. I am having the truth.

  7. Wonderful. So, only a man died, not son of God.

    One man compensated for the sins of billions? God the Father after all did not send his only begotten son to die for the sins of humanity.


    Also advise us about divine flesh? How can 46 chromosome human co-exist with Omnipresent and Omniscient God, please give us your new biology also. Flesh and bones of human are limited to his 70 kilogram body and God is spread over the whole universe, billions of light years wide.

    Please read the debates between John Calvin and Martin Luther. Can we end this irrationality now in the 21st century.

  8. Ashok sahib, there are so many contradictions in your faith. First is three in one a d one in three. Now you have reminded us about another that Jesus had two states or status at same time.
    Jesus never preached about original sin. Show me from gospel please the verses that Jesus a.s. preached on the subject of original sin. There is no such thing.
    Some one made up all that for you and the world. What about the promise of Jesus a.s. to go on search of the lost sheep of Israel. You do not remember that. You had been sending the man of God, Jesus a.s. to hell for three days from the tomb and then letting him go to heavens.
    I want to know, exactly when did Jesus a.s. go to hell. Was it before or after resurrection? Did he go to hell as a man of a god? Please advise. Thank you.
    Also tell me who was walking 70 miles to Galilee. Was it the man Jesus or the god Jesus? Please explain all your theory as you have said, ” Jesus was a complete man and god at the same time.”
    The world needs to learn all these things from you. It may help us to understand your points.

  9. Zia Shah, it is because of you NOT LETTING intelligent debate on TMT that TMT has so few people who posts. I am one of them because I just cannot let IGNORANT AND SILLY POSTS on the Christ to go without condemnation.

    LET SOME FREE AIR into TMT and you will find that there will be more people who will want to debate.

    What are you scared of? I can think of many things but if I post them here I know they will not be published.

  10. Zia Shah, I gave you names of 2 more books which you failed to publish. Like I said what are you scared of? A proper debate or a one sided one where you are always right?

  11. Ashok Saldanha, please do not create false impression that your naming of some two books, is equal to all the evidence I have presented against the dogma of resurrection.

    Put forth your refutation of my case above or give reasons for your case, rather than some trickery of one kind or the other and you will find us very open to your comments.

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