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The Muslim Times’ Editor’s note: These are complex prophecies and metaphors about interaction between nations, comprising billions of people, spread over centuries and should not be taken literally.  The over riding principle for interaction should always be our common humanity and compassion. Suggested reading:

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Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) is reported to have said that the Dajjal (anti-Christ) would use a special kind of donkey possessing two enormous ears, each of which is at least 30 arms-length, moving in the skies, with the clouds so near he (Dajjal or anti-Christ) can reach them with his hand and it travels faster than the sun going to its sunset.(Related by Ali. Mentioned in Kanz ul-`Ummal and `Uqd ad-Durrar, Imam al-Maqdisi).

The donkey Dajjal or anti-Christ rides has a girth of 40 arm-lengths (100 feet) between its two ears (al-Hakim’s al-Mustadrak).

According to Sahih-ul–Bukhari, this amazing donkey would also know how to fly because some of his gigantic leaps are described by the Holy Prophet (saw) to cover distances between East and West. It is said that one foot of the beast will be in the East and the other in the West. This is indicative of the size of his leap meaning that he would take off from one continent and land in another.

According to Kanz-ul-’ummal, when the donkey would be flying, he would be above the clouds. Kanz-ul-ummal also reveals that after the donkey ate fire, he would leave clouds of smoke in front of it as well as behind it when it travelled in the land or sea.

Regarding Dajjal’s ‘donkey’, the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) is also reported to have said that it eats rocks (mineral coal) and a mountain of smoke precedes him and people ride inside him, and not on his back. In one narration, it is said that the donkey would have a door on its belly and that people could go into the donkey’s belly through this door and go out of it. Inside the belly of the donkey would have light and seats(Bihar-ul-Anwar).
In front of him is something like a mountain of smoke and behind him something like a green mountain, calling to men in a loud voice, “come to me, my sincere ones, my saints, come to me my lovers, come to me I am going to create for you everything good.” (al-Hakim and bin Asakir)

It also says in the book of Bihar-ul-Anwar that the donkey would eat fire. It says in the same book of Ahadith that the donkey would stop sometimes and the public would be allowed to have a chance to come into its belly. Every time the donkey would be about to leave, its departure would be loudly announced to the people so that they may know.

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  1. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is not of this world… God’s people do not fight other human beings, rather they fight the demonic forces that control the minds of men with prayer. Fighting a physical war of force, no matter what religion you claim to be, Christian, Jew, or Muslim IS NOT OF GOD. Self defense is permissible, but killing your brother in the name of nationalism or religion is of the Satan. FEW see this…and this few will SEE GOD. God does not need man to unleash his judgement for him….he is more than capable of doing that himself. On the other hand, Satan requires people to kill for him, because the Satan is incapable of judgement. The question becomes, who’s side are you really on? MOST mainstream religions are serving Satan, and have been for thousands of years. This world is evil, and it is going to someday unite and attempt to destroy the real servants of the one true God. Once this happens, God will reveal himself and judgement will follow.

  2. I think rather THE slave Will get his baby, and THE dajjal has prevented THE crippling of his legg and arm.

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